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Your pet will be more relaxed at home in its familiar environment.

A house call avoids the stress of a car ride; this is especially important for many cats.

A house call also eliminates the stress associated with sitting in a clinic waiting room with other dogs and cats.

Seeing your pet in his/her home environment can sometimes aid in making a diagnosis.  This is especially true for behavior related problems.

The doctor will get to know your pets better seeing them at home.

A house call can be arranged to fit your schedule.

House calls save time by eliminating the travel and waiting room time.

A house call is especially convenient for multiple pet households.

Owners with small children may find it easier to schedule a veterinary visit at home.

Situations may arise when it is difficult or impossible to get your pet to a veterinary clinic.
House calls bring medical care right to your home.

Less Stress for your Pet