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HOUSE CALLS Veterinary Service is pleased to offer the following links for your convenience.  We have found them to be especially informative and pet-owner friendly.
-  an excellent site for information on disease, medication, behavior and everything veterinary.
-  the American Veterinary Medicine website, a great resource for veterinary medical news, recalls, diaster 
   response and career information.
-  the Wisconsin Veterinary Medical Association website, similar to the AVMA website, but with a more
   local emphasis
-  for veterinary dental information
-  for canine behavioral help
-  for feline asthma treatment
-  for canine asthma treatment
-  Dr. Riedl plays trumpet in this
   exciting swing jazz band!

Libby, the Best Dog Ever

-  Jim Koepnick's remarkable photograghy
   graces our website